Presentations and Panels

Gender Spectrum / Living In The Gray
Presented by Leland Koble

In this workshop we will discover the many variances of the gender spectrum. Being of the generation where transitioning was not an option I have learned to live comfortably in the middle of the gender spectrum. I am 61 years of age, have had my breasts removed and live my life as a masculine female. We'll discuss this and how one isn't required to put themselves in a box or label themselves to fit society’s needs and how to navigate without being forced to choose. I'm the founder of New Beginnings TLC 501c3 non-profit transgender surgical recovery center with over 900 patients to date.

Top Surgery -- All the Details as a patient
Presented by Leland Koble

Leland had surgery with Dr. Garramone, world renowned FTM surgeon. We will discuss what it takes to prepare your self mentally, physically, emotionally and financially for top surgery, pre-op and post-op short cuts. We will discuss all the advantages and also the mind frame for this surgery. I am sure some of this discussion will surprise you.

Transgender Dynamics in Today's Society
Presented by Gina Duncan

A discussion of the economic, political and social justice issues facing our rapidly emerging transgender and non-binary community.

Transitioning in Our Later Years -- An Older Generations Perspective
Presented by Leland Koble

This workshop will discuss the trial and tribulations of transitioning in our later years. There are many obstacles to transitioning once your life is documented so heavily. After 55 years, changing a name and identity is much more than a driver’s license update. I still retain multiple identities as the struggle to finalize my transition is an uphill battle. I am unsure if I will choose to move forward with the legalities and even friends of this great length of time and the generational misunderstandings are staggering. We will discuss specific situations concerning these problems and the solutions that are available.

Becoming an Activist in School and Beyond
Presented by Drew Adams

This workshop explores trans activism, from public schools to the wider world. Drew Adams, plaintiff of Adams v The School Board of St Johns County Florida, describes his experience becoming an activist for bathroom access for trans students, beginning with the first time he was told not to use a men’s room. He explains the steps anyone can take to challenge discriminatory policies, how to work up the chain of command (documenting all the way), and some of the legal options available. He also explores other forms of activism that anyone, youth or adult, can do with the skills they have.