Lizette De Lourdes Reyes Cuerda

Lizette De Lourdes Reyes Cuerda

Lizette De Lourdes Reyes Cuerda

I was born and raised in Puerto Rico. My family had opinions of acceptance and or discrimination. However at the private Catholic school (attended from 1st to 12th grade) I learned to love humanity, animals and plants as we all shared one planet.

I completed my B.A. in Sociology at the University of Puerto Rico- Mayaguez Campus. Followed by a Counseling Psychology.

I have been an Advocate for Human and Animals Rights, Against Abuse and or Discrimination before I even knew those terms.

I enjoy learning about diverse cultures, nationalities but furthermore individuals.

There is no reason to hate because you are not like me or you think differently.

My career path has given me opportunity to work with people from 1yrs old to 85yrs old. Mental Health and Substance Use Therapist, Case Manager, Psycho-Social educator, Crisis Intervention Senior Specialist. So many tittles, so many lessons learned. Yes! amongst these client were many LGBTQ.

Also, I have worked in Animal Shelters and Veterinary Hospital. My personal life has been enriched by the love of many pets. Currently my Transwoman partner and I have four dogs and a cat.

Looking forward to meet you at Transpire 2019.